Mountains, water and nature.

Located at the foothills of the Alps, lake Constance is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe. Through the lake the Rhine follows its path from the Alps to the west along the Swiss border.

On the eastern shores of the lake lies the island city of Lindau with its historical old city center and the harbor guarded by the Bavarian Lion.

Lindau harbor
Lake Constance from Lindau (Foto by: Sethu Atthuluru - used with permission)

Entering Lindau from the nord side, the lake looks always different. The mountains, the lake itself various hills and houses change appearance depending on the weather or time of day.

Best time of the year for me is the summer. When the sun is shining is a pleasure to leave here. All sort of activities are available: from swimming in the lake to hiking on the mountains.

A broad range of restaurants are also available. I can clearly recommend a few like Strandhaus. On the island you can find Mike's Irish Pub where you can taste the best "Seele" and together with a good beer. My recommendation is to get the spicy one!

One of the best view points is the Tanner Denkfabrik parking deck. This was also a very interesting place to work in...

Artistic view of the Swiss side of the lake :)