I got to revisit my AMD Threadripper CPU in order to clean up the cooler and refresh the thermal paste. Even today I'm impressed of the amazing achievement that AMD has pooled in 2017 with the Zen Architecture comeback. I was always a ""readteam" fan and I can clearly say that I'm very happy with the chosen CPU brand and type.

I also appreciate the Noctua brand - and so I did decided to try out the NH2 thermal paste. It was advertised as 2-3 degrees thermal performance increase. After using-it and performing the testing before and after I can say the 3 degrees are spot on!

The fan mounting and the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 CPU cooler is perfect. Desing to avoid any kind of vibration or noise but flexible enough to be mounted and unmounted within second.

NH-U14S Mounting Bracket for TR4 socket

Another improvement is the new addition of a USB type C header on my front panel. Originally the Corsair 750D did not come with one but the connection was available on the motherboard. I finally decided to buy the new front panel from corsair and changed the old one.

I also upgraded from the 256 MB to a newer 1TB V-NAND SSD from Samsung.

1TB - 980 Pro SSD

I'm really exited to see what will be the aftermath of the entire silicon crisis driven by Corona, miners and co. I think this could bring an exponential growth once more in the evolution of computing technology.