I've been around here for about 8 years and this was my first time up with the bicycle although I was many times hiking or with the car. I used to go there regularly to find wild berries and enjoy the view but since 2 years I haven't went there any more. Now with the summer and the quarantine regulations more relaxed I managed to do a road trip with my bicycle. This time I set myself to make this trip with my bicycle.

The route to the top

It was a little hard at first... but the road up is quite beautiful and I managed to find my pace and take a few pictures from time to time. The trip I did it in the morning when is still cool. At the top, where the road splits, taking a left there is another road to take downhill.

There one can find a farm on the right that sells Yogurt (quite good one!). Going down is very fast and is good to thrust your brakes :)

I thing this is a very pleasant experience that needs to be repeated and I can only recommend to anyone desiring to give-it a try and enjoy the view!