A simple JSON viewer developped using Qt and QJson

JSON Viewer is a simple application to view JSON documents with highlighting and a tree view expansion.

The application is realized using the Qt framework. Qt provides you with all the functionality needed to develop advanced GUI applications on desktop and embedded platforms. Qt uses the native graphics APIs of each platform it supports, taking full advantage of system resources and ensuring that applications have the native look and feel. Using Qt is very easy and intuitive. It has the advantage that the same code can be compiled for many platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), is written entirely in C++ (some projects may require only C++), and is free (you can choose from LGPL/GPL/Commercial license). http://qt-project.org

It also uses the QJson library for parsing the JSON documents. QJson is a qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects: JSON arrays will be mapped to QVariantList instances, while JSON objects will be mapped to QVariantMap. http://qjson.sourceforge.net